PEAR x BANK in Philadelphia

By - Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Both PEAR and BANK are writers known to travel around the country, this time linking up for collaboration near a lineup in Philadelphia. On this wall, their collaborative piece stands out significantly from its surroundings. They chose to complete these pieces using bright pinks and oranges, including different patterns and designs within each of the letters.

PEAR of NSF is known for dropping pieces across the country. As in the wall above, he creates bold, legible letters that stand out from the rest. The dude has a vast network of writers in most major cities and consistently creates unique collaborations. His pieces are incredible, as are his hands and his throw ups. Shit, everything he does is solid and can be caught around any major city in the United States.

BANK is a low key writer, stationed in Philadelphia. He’s originally from the south, but travels while networking with other writers. He’s become well established with many writers, and continues to create a name for himself by doing collabs, hitting trains and eye-catching spots.

Shout out to both these troopers for putting in work for the rest of us to enjoy.

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