Peregrine Falcon from Mr. Prvrt

By - Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Resident and frequent participant in the Wall Therapy project in Rochester, NY, Mr. Prvrt has returned to Chicago to create more murals. When he visited Chicago last year for a solo show, he met up with the team over at Threadless HQ and painted a mural for their new garage door project. This time, he has returned to be a part of a group show at the Vertical Gallery. While in town he figured he would get some art on the streets and share what he does best. 

The particular building he selected is untouched, other than a small graffiti tag on the side of the building (which also gets covered up by Mr. Prvrt), and is located in the Logan Square neighborhood. It’s a prime building, ready for something new. On a busy intersection, constant commentary is being provided by the people walking by and those waiting for the bus. Most of the feedback is positive and the artwork is appreciated and welcomed. 

As an employee of a non-for-profit organization that houses injured and non-releasable birds of prey, about to receive his certification as a master bird handler, Mr. Prvrt paints a bird named Tori, a Peregrine Falcon that has been in his care. Similar to most artists, he prefers to paint something that he has a personal connection to, and this is why he paints animals. Growing up on a farm and having a mother with a PhD in Animal Behavior, his passion for animal life and painting it continues.

The last photo in this gallery is one of the cover up, over the graffiti tag on the side of the same building, that he painted as a favor to the building owner. He’s just that nice. 

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