Pharrell Williams Interviews KAWS and David Salle for Episode 2 of ARTST TLK

By - Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

In another engaging episode of ARTST TLK, host Pharrell Williams facilitates a discussion with internationally renowned street artist (and illustrator of ARTST TLK’s logo) KAWS and painter and photographer David Salle. The artists talk about how they were both drawn to New York City – KAWS because his nearby suburban hometown pushed him to explore more vibrant communities and Salle because the city seemed like the most promising place to make it as a painter. Both artists also acknowledge how the success of their careers has hinged on having a network of fellow artists to collaborate with. “It’s impossible to navigate without a crew,” KAWS claims. The graff artist affirms that he has been incredibly fortunate to paint with the likes of Zephyr, Revolt, West and Crash. Working with them provided an “instant family,” he says. The group discusses other interesting topics including stylistic identity, how they supported themselves before their art began to support them, how they react in the face of criticism (Salle has been accused of being a pornographer), and art’s interaction with commercial culture. In keeping with Episode 1, a naked woman enters mid-way through to refill their waters. This time around, her entrance seems ironically timed with Salle’s comment about how “the human body is a beautiful thing.” As he mentions, it is the female body that is most often the subject matter of his paintings. Check out the current episode (and upcoming ones) on YouTube’s Reserve Channel. Text: Nicola Parisi

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