Philippe Mastrocola Spray CANvas Solo Show

By - Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Spray CANvas from Philippe Mastrocola on Vimeo.

Experimenting with abstracts led Philippe Mastrocola to discover his unique style. Using any surface he could find, Philippe soon started spreading his abstracts throughout the city as his canvas sometimes destroying them right after completion. In his new Spray CANvas exhibit, Philippe redefines the art of the spray can. No longer is the empty spray can a lonely discarded object but the subject matter an elaborate concept of recycling the industrial landscape. After taking a photography class at Concordia and creating his first pinhole camera out of an empty spray paint can he began to experiment with different exposures. Hundreds of pinhole cameras later, Philippe has created an army of cans that he brings with him to his walls to photograph his abstracts. Using his creativity and passion for building things, Philippe began creating canvases entirely made out of empty spray paint cans. He takes photos of his abstracts with his pinhole cameras then uses the empty spray cans he used in his mural to build a canvas. Sometimes he uses the photographs of his abstracts to paint on his custom canvases, painting them in negative or positive, whichever he feels is best suited. Philippe also has a passion for teaching and sharing his art with the youth and community. He has painted many murals for schools and prides himself on being able to involve the public in the creation process of the mural. By involving youth and the public he believes it gives them a sense of pride and ownership in the creation. This collaboration builds relationships with people where they can share stories and contribute positively to their environment. Philippe is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in Art Education at Concordia University. He started painting graffiti almost ten years ago and has constantly been evolving and using the skills he learned in the streets, which have transcended into his fine art. Philippe has worked for MU Art where he has held workshops for youth and communities. Philippe’s murals can be seen around Montreal and New York City. Spray CANvas runs from June 18 to June 29 at Gallerie 203 on 203 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal.

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