A Photo Excursion with Chester Copperpot – NY to NJ

By - Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

12oz writer and photographer Chester Copperpot shares some photos from one of his recent expeditions.  Over the last two weeks, Mr. Copperpot has managed to cover ground from Brooklyn in the east, to the mountains of NJ to the west. With stops in Newark and Paterson, as well. The following photos and words are his account of his travels.

I started my little mission out in Brooklyn with Goomba C2C. We went trackside and had the opportunity to hangout while Goomba got busy with his sunset beach inspired theme. There were also some serious Zeso pieces at this spot, along with heat by Scan, Taboo and Klops to name a few. 

The next morning Goomba and I headed west to a little NJ mountain spot. While the spot is large, there wasn’t too much new work up here. The notable exception was Cobra of the IZM crew. Goomba caught a quick throw, and our session was cut short by some hikers. Having plenty of daylight left, we headed downstream, to the familiar confines of the Colt Gun Mill.

At the Mill we caught up with a Kanet One, Benk GT, and Maze JAO having a little impromptu session. Unplanned and on a sandstone brick wall, they made the best of a tough situation and got loose. Soon after Goomba and I headed in our own directions, but my thirst for flicks was not quite satisfied.

My next step was to head to a classic Newark spot. On the banks of the Passaic River is Newark’s Wall of Fame and some classic spots. I have been there before, so the photos I choose for this article are new, or ones that haven’t posted yet. Some standouts were Grope DNA MHS, 5iver DNA, Vizie MSK, False, and Zero TNN.

My last stop was the city of Elizabeth to check out a group production by the MD/MHS squad. Both EMO and VEER really got buck, with EMO incorporating a sick warrior into his piece. Check out the pics above and make sure to check back on 12ozProphet for more from Mr. Copperpot.






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