Photo: Hert and Atak Through the Lens of Luna Park

By - Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Partnerships have been around in graffiti culture from Blade and Comet to Revs and Cost. It is imperative to find someone you can trust to watch your back and compliment your style. Often times the catalyst that makes a writer stand out from the rest is a partner to push and support them. Without a doubt, the duo of Hert and Atak made a name for themselves, together, on the streets of New York over the past few years. So much so that their work couldn’t escape the lens of any photographer interested in graffiti. One such photographer, Sabeth718, who’s gained traction amongst the graffiti community for his Flickr photostream, chose Hert and Atak to be the subject of his first issue of Carnage, a self-published zine that sold out with the quickness. Photographer, and friend of 12ozProphet, Luna Park was generous enough to lend us her copy of Carnage for our zine review yesterday. She, along with Becki Fuller, run the website The Street Spot, which consistently posts graffiti and street art flicks supplemented with personal anecdotes. (Yes, yet another duo. These two are also known as Chicks with Flicks.) When she heard what we were working on she combed through her archives of countless pictures and hooked us up with this portfolio of photographs of Hert and Atak on the street. Photo: Luna Park

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