Photo: Sace down south

By - Monday, October 1st, 2012

An annual festival is in full swing. All the town town’s residents (around 6,000) are celebrating and enjoying their southern culture in east Tennessee. This is a CSX town built when the railroad arrived years ago. Families pay 5 bucks to park at the CSX that is a stone’s throw away from the festivities. Out in the corner quietly sets a Sace car. People are saying “hmm, I love the way graffiti looks. I wonder who Sace is?” While at the same moment a young man in New York City passes a Sacer throw up. One of the many Sacer tags, throw ups, or pieces that are still running. Hundreds of these city people pass a Sacer everyday and they know who he is. That young man gets the burning inside him to bomb and be at Sacer’s status one day. Just as Sacer felt the same burning inside himself that made him yearn to write graffiti. Don’t get caught up in what you see on the internet and in trends, keep it fun, keep it real on your own thing, learn and in time what you leave will continue to work it’s own magic long after you’re gone. At the end of the day what is graffiti and why do you do it? Momentary fame from being a toy or true longevity because you drove what’s inside of you when you felt it. Sace would tell you to go outside and wreck shit. So no matter where you’re at, New York City, South Central Los Angeles, or a small town in east Tennessee… take what you can learn from the internet then hit the X in the northeast corner. Go outside and wreck shit.

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