Photo: Graffiti Flourishes in Libya throughout the Arab Spring and after the Fall of Gaddafi

By - Friday, October 21st, 2011

The reaction to Libya’s four decades of oppression has been vividly scrawled, painted and drawn across Tripoli in the months since Muammar Gaddafi was cast from power. More often than not, it’s the ex-dictator himself who is the subject of the street art and its slogans. Sometimes funny and hopeful, other times sad, insulting or even crude, the graffiti that now adorns buildings, bridges, signs and storefronts across the capital has become a telling assessment of the Libyan people’s sentiments. A wall painting by the “Youth of Nasr [Victory] Street” in central Tripoli reads “Libya is in my heart” An image of ex-leader Muammar Gaddafi in a trash can was found near An Nasr Street in downtown Tripoli “Here I am at the cats’ and rats’ graveyard,” says a cartoon depiction of Gaddafi on a wall near Tripoli’s Dahra bus station “Who are you?” asks an unseen figure who points a finger at Gaddafi, mocking one of the most famous phrases uttered by the ex-leader in his audio addresses. The answer: “Africa’s monkey of monkeys”, a parody on Gaddafi’s claim to be the “king of kings”. At the bottom, a rat says “We still need you” Text and Photo: David Poort via Al Jazeera Source: Al Jazeera

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