Photos: Daymon Day 2014 / Columbus, Ohio

By - Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Daymon Day


The 9th Daymon Day took place in Columbus, Ohio on September 20th. Daymon Day is an annual event that salutes the memory of Daymon Dodson, and celebrates life in general. Daymon Dodson was a Hip Hop-based community figure in Columbus that everyone in every subculture loved and gravitated towards. He represented “what was really good” in Columbus whether you were into rap, experimental music, punk, funk/soul, metal or anything else that is vibrant. I’m not gonna name drop here but if you read up on Daymon; you will see his influence has a pretty decent influence in terms of Ohio artists.

So every year, we hold a parade to celebrate the fact that people loved him and to continue operating in his spirit. We also pay tribute to other fallen people during the event because death is a constantly reiterated fact.

Daymon Day works like this: there is a Hip Hop park jam that hovers around a racquetball court, a memorial parade down High Street, and an after party. Last year, there was a confusion with the Police that got Parade shut down.

The Police admitted their error, and Daymon Day continued on in the face of adversity.

As they do every year; the writers rocked out the mural. You can see Daymon’s contagious face as a the anchor for the wall.

The parade had DJ Detox playing Columbus anthems like Camu Tao and DJ Przm’s “Hold the Floor” next to various Hip Hop bangers while a great mixture of young and old danced down the street.

The after party was held at No Place Studios on the South End of Columbus where DJ Detox was joined by Pos 2, DJ True Skills, Lo and Walter Rocktight playing music to people from Daymon’s various communities and a new group of artists.

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