Pocket Guide to the Internet

By - Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

During a trip to our P.O. box where a handful of knick knacks are sold, we came across the Pocket Guide to the Internet by Garry Gach, written in 1994. The book came with a months free internet, data held on a 1.4mb floppy disk. Nostalgia always validates a update. So here we are, 12ozProphets best of the Pocket Guide To The Internet. -You’ll want 8 megabytes of RAM to run the internet, thats approximately the size of two songs of Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) -You’re going to need a modulator demodulator and a phone line. Then the suggested service providers Prodigy, CompuServe and America Online. -Now that you are on the world wide web, sending and receiving mail couldn’t be easier. Ascii art can be a great way to convey ones facial or vocal nuance >: ) overcoming the draw back of the monotonous text based internet. pg.66 -Also make sure that you are familiar with internet shorthand! FYI (for your information) “ROTFL” is probably just as old as the teenage kids who knows what that even means, this book is from 1994 lmao! -Being Australian, make sure you teleport to Paris, New York and Cairo for the full intent immersion. pg. 120 – While at a shindigs during the 1960s people would ask you “Whats your sign?” you merely reply “its the 1990s, whats your URL?” -One last thing, No matter what day or year, race or creed, the commercial internet has been working hard to distract you for two decades.

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