Poem One In Chicago Tonight

By - Thursday, August 4th, 2011

{image-1} Closely associated with both the 80’s NYC Subway era and as a key member of FX Cru, the 90’s wall production movement, Poem has seen and influenced generations of writers and styles. He’s also the man behind the 90’s graff magazine Flashbacks, which helped to expand the appeal of graffiti to the Midwest, the West Coast and beyond. Through Flashbacks, he soon became one of the early mail-order suppliers of graffiti goods. As if his role in graffiti were not impressive enough, Poem has expanded his efforts into urban-themed jewelry and more. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, books and magazines were the best ways to find out about graffiti. Not only was Poem instrumental in getting these products into the hands of the rest of us, but he is also featured in one of the definitive graffiti videos about FX Cru. His style is iconic and flavorful, as seen on the cover of Subway Art, reminiscent of all the qualities synonymous with the Wild Style generation. Tonight he is in Chicago showing some of his work and rubbing elbows. Drop in and tell him thanks for documenting a pivotal period of graffiti for the world outside New York City. Get the information to the event here. Text by 6cents

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