Preview: "Quality of Life" ft. Katsu, Sabio, Pixote, Beau, Jim Joe, Phil & Womp

By - Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Quality of life is defined as one’s personal satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the cultural or intellectual conditions under which they live. Tonight, it’s the catalyst for the inaugural opening of Damon Dash’s Poppington gallery, which hosts a show that celebrates the most notorious and indelible graffiti artists working in the five boroughs at the moment. Known for their raw and uninhibited style in the streets, this evenings headliners are an unapologetic crew of active NYC Taggers: Katsu, Sabio, Pixote, Beau, Jim Joe, Phil & Womp. Curated by David Barnett, David Chang, and participating artist, Beau, the gallery houses three floors of space showcasing an interesting catalogue of mixed-media works that are unique to the artists traditional landscape and aesthetic. Here’s a brief excerpt from an interview as Complex’s own Justin Korkidis sat down with Sabio, Beau, Phil, and Jim Joe to discuss how the Quality of Life group show was put together, and what it’s like to collaborate with a cast of celebrated misfits. Check out some preview shots below. Interview by Justin Korkidis (@Say_WordYo) How did the Quality of Life show come about? Beau: I happened to walk down Orchard street one day when I caught the two Daves (David Barnett and David Chang) and said what’s up. I asked them what they had going for an opening at the ‘Poppington’ space and I brought up the idea of a group show. Did you guys know each other before then? Beau: Sabio and I met for the first time when we were organizing the exhibition. Phil: I’ve known Beau for a couple of years. Jim Joe: No. I don’t really know anyone. Sabio: Pixote is my cousin but I don’t know Jim Joe. I know his work but a lot of us are meeting for the first time at the show. That’s what I like about graffiti. You don’t know who the person is, you just see ’em on the street and you admire their work. You’re like “Damn, how the fuck did he get up there? This dude’s crazy. Nice spot.” Then you cross paths and realize a lot of us are connected through other friends. That’s how I got to know the guys like Phil and Beau. But Katsu and I have known each other for…. check out the full interview at Complex Source: Complex

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