Preview: ARC U5's Writer's World Presents Game Over Graffiti Collectors Cards

By - Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Last night I got the chance to head over to Tuff City on Essex to catch the signing party for Serve’s Ultimate Black Book Vol. 1. It’s about 5 days from my bi monthly payday so your boy couldn’t cop that book yet, but I did have the 5 ducats to splurge on a pack of ARC U5‘s new Writers World presents Game Over Graffiti Collectors Cards. ARC, who has recently come out of a 15 year retirement, decided it was only right to release this collector set to aid the newer generation in getting familiar with graffiti’s roots, and to help preserve an important part the culture. Opening up his own vast collection of photos ARC has printed up 5×7 sized postcards featuring 22 writers for this first set which features notorious graffiti legends like TRACY168, SKEME and REVOLT and legendary bombers such as VFRESH, LEWY and CAP ONE. The back of each card is packed with facts and short bios from the writers themselves ensuring that their stories are preserved for years to come. Each pack comes with 4 writer cards and also a random sticker for the slap hungry collectors out there. As an added bonus ARC has had some of the writers sign their postcards in very limited runs. Did I mention each pack comes wrapped up in a slice of an NYC MTA subway map? ARC has only a limited run of this Pre Platinum series so make sure you get at him asap at for your order and to get on his mailing list for the official release party which will be coming soon and trust me from I heard so far you won’t want to miss this.

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