Preview: Estria Graffiti Battle and Art Festival Kickstarter Fundraiser

By - Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

This October, the Sixth Annual Estria Battle and Art Festival will take place in Oakland, California. The Estria Battle and Art Festival is a series of art events focused on building community, promoting positive messages within and beyond that community, and investing in and developing the creative expression of young people. The Estria Battle and Festival were founded by Estria Miyashiro in 2007 as a “valuable celebration of community and urban art.” The 2013 Estria Graffiti Battle is a one-day event surrounded by many other related art events in the area. The Battle brings 16 of the nation’s top urban artists to Oakland, California to battle in a live painting event fostering positive messages of community-building and social justice principles. The Kickstarter Campaign is an effort to raise money for the festival by July 11th. The Battle will be held this year at the Life is Living Festival in West Oakland on October 12th and is presented in partnership with Youth Speaks, Inc. A one-word theme is revealed at the start of the battle to ensure that no one has time to prepare beforehand: “Grow,” “Heal,” and “Live,” were used in previous years. Artists then have five hours to paint a technically and creatively excellent canvas based around the one-word theme, conveying a positive message. Festival-goers of all ages are invited to watch the artists as they work. The Battle also includes: 1) The Blackbook Jam, where youth are given 3 hours to create sketchbook pieces based on a positive theme; 2) The Youth Group Art Jam, where teams from arts organizations are invited to create positive works of art; and 3) The Stencil Workshop, where kids design their own t-shirts. Aside from the Estria Graffiti Battle, there are many surrounding events during the month of October. First is the The Estria Battle Art Gallery Exhibition (October 3rd – 31), which showcases the work of nationally renowned artists who have made their name in public art. Next is The Art in Public Slideshow (October 10), where 10 artists are invited to present 20 of their images for 20 seconds each and invites viewers to discuss work usually only seen on the street. The Sunday Paint Jam (Miyashiro’s favorite event) invites artists to paint the walls of a school in Oakland as a way for the artists to give back to the community. On-going throughout the month are In-School Workshops which bring classroom instruction and demonstrations to a local school. Artists offer hands-on lessons and talk with students about art careers. From now through July 11th, the Kickstarter Campaign aims to support the Art Battle and Festival through a public fundraiser. Each year, Estria is supported by a handful of generous donors, and the Festival and Battle were not held in 2012. Due to a response from the community to bring back the annual event this year, the Kickstarter Campaign was initiated to generate funding for canvases, supplies, food, travel costs, and construction fees. Those who participate in the fundraiser are rewarded in a variety of ways, such as: art prints by Favianna Rodriguez, Vogue (TDK), Apexer, Chor Boogie, Vyal One and other printmakers and street artists, prints of archived Estria Battle canvases, street art postcard packs, and t-shirt and hoodie designs by Jesse Hernandez. Donors at the highest levels can even have Estria Miyashiro create a mural for them. The campaign aims to raise $25,000 by July 11th to help cover many of the costs of the events. To learn more about donating, please visit The Estria Battle and Festival’s Kickstarter page , or the Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle Facebook Event page. photos: Estria Battle

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