Preview: "Leave the Beef on the BBQ" at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco

By - Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco presents Leave the Beef on the BBQ, a group show featuring dozens of artists from throughout the canon of graffiti art history, from pioneers Taki 183, Iz the Wiz, and Dondi, to some of the most active and influential writers hitting the streets today. With contributing curators Metal Man Ed, Roger Gastman, Tim Diet, and Mr. Kiji, the resulting exhibition is a feast for the eyes with a wide variety of aesthetic visual styles filling the gallery walls. The playful title of the exhibition derives from the perpetual politics of graffiti culture, while also making reference to the timing of the show during the final days of Summer. On that note, Guerrero Gallery is hosting an unconventional opening of sorts, a BBQ from 3-7pm today. “Feel free to bring some of your favorite food to grill up on the BBQ!” Featured artists include: Jurne, Horfe, Crash, Rammellzee, IZ THE WIZ, Cap, Ces, Yes 2, Vogue, Erupto 327, OBLVN, Con, Cense, Remio, Bates, Skuf, Min, Med, Dondi, Sye, KEO, TKid, Joker, Lead, Nope, Jash, Omens, Jase, VFR, Cope 2, Indie 184, Queen Andrea, Anger, Axis, Spray, Jenks, Bio, Nicer, Renos, MQ, Quake, Curve TGE, Wand, Monk, Estria, Dmote, Faust, Gorey, Saze, Smash 137, Geso, Cecs, Yen 34, Enron, Dr. Sex, Ceave, Voice, EwokOne, Kaput, ORFN, Trike, Oze 108, Vans the Omega, Claw Money, Pez, Dceve, S8N, Jick, Sibl, Egs, Nmph, BG 183, Kuma, Wane 1, Pemex, Evade, OE3, Egs, Spie, Tilt Guerrero Gallery is located at 2700 19th Street in San Francisco. The BBQ opening reception is today, Saturday, August 25th from 3-7pm. Leave the Beef on the BBQ will be open through September 3rd, 2012.

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