Preview: Lek, Sowat & Roti in Angers, France

By - Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

The story takes place in a small french town called Angers. Lek and Sowat had been invited by Yan Bernard to the Artaq 3D Festival to work around a wooden footbridge built by local and talented carpenters. Once on location, the dou found out that Roti (a French artist who was part of the Living Walls conference) had asked the city to build him a 100 meter long wood plank wall right next to the footbridge, on which to paint. After meeting Roti, the three decided to work together and make it look like Lek and Sowat’s footbridge was part of Roti’s wall. Then it rained for two days and all found shelter in the Abbaye du Roncerai, an abandoned 11th century chapel in which Sowat had done an installation a year before with DMV). While there, they painted wooden planks, then headed to the Maine river to start cutting and installing them around the footbridge. Lek & Sowat finished their task and left the city while Roti stayed to patiently complete his 100 meter long wall. While still waiting to see Roti’s finished work, here are some pictures of the installation so far. Stay posted as more photos of the finished footbridge will come soon. source and photos: Sowat

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