Preview: MAKE PEACE Global Art Exhibition NYC

By - Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

{image-1} Global street artists and grassroots activists, finding that the traditional peace sign has become lackluster and its impact has been weakened, have given it a facelift. The new “proactive peace symbol”, a part of the Make Peace Project, asserts that peace does not bring itself upon us—rather, it us up to us to come together and make peace all around us. The international Make Peace Day, set to occur on the Saturday after, or the Saturday of, the Spring Equinox every year, calls for participants to “just take one action, do one special something” to promote peace within the surrounding community and the world at large, causing a rippling effect that will traverse the globe. Next year, Make Peace Day falls on March 22nd, 2014. The Make Peace Project has been spreading so rapidly through global street artist participation that it seems likely Make Peace Day 2014 will become a bona fide global phenomenon. In NYC, street artists have taken the Make Peace Project’s goals into their own hands, developing the MAKE PEACE Global Art Exhibition NYC. This is a public event that anyone can join by incorporating the new peace symbol into artworks. “Think the impossible, inspire the impossible, do it globally, that is the Make Peace mission. POST ONLY artwork with MAKE PEACE SYMBOL IN IT” as the NYC Facebook event calls for. What’s exciting about the Make Peace NYC movement is that it is anchored by a public venue exhibition to take place in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Via their facebook page, curators George Colon and Richard Alicea will be accepting submissions of photographs of exhibited street works incorporating the new proactive peace symbol for exhibition in September. May 18th, 2013 marks the beginning of wall street art using the Make Peace symbol at 5Pointz Graffiti Museum in Long Island City. For More information about the 5Pointz event please visit the Facebook Event page. Now, go out there and make peace.

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