Preview: "Geometrics" with Kofie, Chor Boogie and More at Gallery Brooklyn

By - Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Abstraction–themed group show opens today, Saturday Sept 22: Geometricks is presented by and curated by Hellbent, featuring Augustine Kofie, Chor Boogie, See One, Hellbent, OverUnder, Momo, Olek has been one of the most comprehensive, open minded and alternative visions in the bloggosphere covering graffiti and street art. They get personal with artist’s in their geographic proximity as well as go global on as well as their column on Huffington Post. On their “About” page, they state: “Straight outta Brooklyn, BSA tracks the new creative spirit that runs in the streets, the artist studios, and galleries of New York and around the world. New hybrids, new techniques, and new mediums are expanding the definition of public art, street art, graffiti, and urban art; each vying for the attention of passers-by. As trends develop in the street, we watch to see how they affect popular culture and the rest of the art world.” This exhibition is representative of that spirit. Curated by Hellbent, a local Brooklyn artist, there is a wide scope and an eye for the experimental. He has represented the locals well: himself, Maya Hayuk, Momo, OverUnder, See One, all reside or have resided for long periods in Brooklyn. But he has also reached out to the west coast with the inclusion of the Chor Boogie and Augustine Kofie, an Agent of Change, as well as associated with Graffuturism. Geometricks is a beautifully hung show, curated with an eye for the unique, visionary, poetic and abstract. Come out tonight to the Gallery Brooklyn to see it in person. Text and Photo: Daniel Feral

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