Preview: Ripo "Signs, Fines, & Cheap Wines" at White Walls Gallery SF

By - Sunday, August 5th, 2012

I first encountered Max Rippon aka RIPO when doing research on some Spanish artists for Graffiti 365. Although NYC born and bred Max has been a Barcelona transplant for years. I am typing this from Barcelona , but Max isn’t here. That’s because he’s gearing up for his solo show at White Walls Gallery in S.F. I could sing his praises, but his own words do a much better job to describe the source of his inspiration and method to his madness: Max Rippon (Ripo) was born and raised in NYC. He began drawing at a very young age and has not stopped making pictures since. After graduating from art school in the United States in 2005 he quickly left the country for Barcelona, Spain where he has since dedicated himself to painting and creating artwork both in the streets and the studio. In recent years his work has become primarily text-based, exploring and communicating through typography, calligraphy and other hand-painted elements. His works often offer more questions than answers, always with a sense of sarcasm and humor crawling beneath the surface. His influences are rooted in his upbringing in NYC, his current life in Barcelona, as well as his extensive travels across Europe and Latin America. He has illegally exhibited his work in over 36 countries across the world. He has also legally participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in cities such as Barcelona, Vienna, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London, Basel, and New York.

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