Preview: Robots Will Kill Ten-Year Anniversary at Mighty Tanaka Gallery

By - Thursday, December 8th, 2011

{image-1} Robots Will Kill is celebrating their ten-year anniversary tonight Dec 9 from 6-9pm with a group show of friends at the Mighty Tanaka Gallery in DUMBO. Over the past decade RWK has grown from a few members in Staten Island with an upstart website, to the current international line up with a huge webhub of photo archives, event postings, sticker trading, t-shirt designs, mural painting, and exhibitions. Chris RWK is the initial instigator behind RWK. He hooked up with Kev in Staten Island to build the first website to trade stickers and see what else they could get into. Chris, a humble and easy going man, didn’t want to just focus on himself and his art, but wanted to create a local community that he could be inspired and supported by, and in turn do the same for them. The site took off as a repository of visitor uploaded photos, sticker trading, and community communication. Eventually he met up with Veng and other original members, and started to expand. RWK’s core group of artists are: Chris, Kev/Psyn, Veng and OverUnder in the USA, ECB and Flying Fortress in Germany, Peeta in Italy, and JesseRobot in Belgium. Each of these artists has their own focus, bringing a wide range of styles and concepts to the crew. For instance, Chris is a sticker freak and paints in an expressionistic cartoon style. Veng uses oil paint like a Dutch master and brings that same delicacy, refinement and color palette to his spray paint technique as well. From Germany, ECB paints massive emotional and arresting portraits in spray paint, while Flying Fortress has impeccable can control, rocking crisp characters and straight letters. OverUnder, the newest member of the crew, brings a mix of straight-up graff, painterly techniques, and a wide range of styles to his work. As well as the members of RWK, their friends have turned out to celebrate too: Michael (coallus) Banks, Vincent REGA, Mike Die, Downtimer, Norm Morales, NoseGo, Evoker, El Toro, SINNED, Becki Fuller, Luna Park, Christopher Rini, Joe Iurato, BURN353, SEE ONE, Shai Dahan, Joe Russo, Abe Lincoln Jr., Royce Bannon, olive47, Cake, Eric “Phoneticontrol” Broers, MCA/Evil Design, Shawn “ako”, Whisenant, Lunartik, Disposable Hero. See images of their work below. {image-2} Mike Die seems right on point for this show. {image-3} SeeOne paints in an abstract style he has dubbed “shards.” {image-4} Cake creates a reflective mood, accentuated by internal frission. {image-5} Joe Russo, a photographer for 12oz Prophet, experiments with 3-D techniques. This show also marks the second anniversary of the Mighty Tanaka gallery, run by Alex Emmart. After studying as a curator in London and becoming obsessed with the street art explosion at the beginning of the new millennium, he moved to NYC to work with the former AdHoc Art Gallery in Bushwick. A couple years later he left to start his own space. His Mighty Tanaka gallery has been a supportive exhibition space for many underground artists, such as Katsu, Destroy&Rebuild, UFO and the 907 crew, UR, PosterBoy, Cosbe, Royce Bannon, and many others. {image-6} Alex Emmart, the owner of Mighty Tanaka gallery, holding a couple of Chris’s mini-canvases. {image-7} The fridge in the new space has become the unofficial guest book over the past couple months. The opening is tonight, Friday December, 9th, 2011 from 6pm to 9pm at the Mighty Tanaka gallery in DUMBO. The address is 111 Front St, Suite 224, Brooklyn NY, 11201, and phone is 718-596-8781. The F and A trains stop nearby. Text and Photo: Daniel Feral

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