Preview: Stikman Turns "20" at Pandemic Gallery Tonight

By - Friday, March 16th, 2012

The omnipresent icon, Stikman, was born 20 years ago. In celebration of this intrepid street explorer, Pandemic Gallery is hosting his first solo exhibition of 20 sculptures and 20 works on paper in his likeness. Stikman exists like an alien or other worldly spirit, who is rarely seen but always leaving traces that are studied and researched by the humans on the earthly plane. Recently a transmission was released with some rare public words from the reclusive Stikman: “To celebrate twenty years of playing in the street with sticks I have created a special battalion of 20 figures to send out into the world with the hope that the friends of Stikman will take him along on new journeys to places he has not yet been.” Will there be a flesh and blood Stikman sighting at the opening? Bring your ghost sensing devices, hold hands in a medium circle, and chant to the gods, and maybe his apparition will make itself visible to solidify if even just for a moment. After the page break, see some more street pieces like the ones below and some other manifestations to contextualize his new work… {pagebreak} Stikman paintings in the Woodward Gallery outdoor installation space. Photo by Luna Park. Stikman sculpture on the right with John Fekner and Don Leicht on the left in the exhibiton Pantheon: A history of art from the streets of NYC. Photo by Luna Park. Text: Daniel Feral Photo: Stikman and Luna Park, where indicated. Thumbnail photo by Luna Park on front page.

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