Preview: SubSurface Graffiti Expo and Hip Hop Festival 2012 in Indianapolis

By - Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Subsurface is a yearly event gathering artists and muralists in Indianapolis, Indiana organized by the FAB crew since 2002. For this years tenth anniversary taking place from August 31st to September 2nd, Subsurface will be working with the local art community at large as well as graffiti artists from around the country to create a fully funded event that will progress graffiti art as a whole and to provide what the creators see as cultural treasure for the city of Indianapolis. They plan on having Dave Chino, the world renowned graffiti artist and documentarian to be the host of the 3 day event. Subsurface is looking to raise $5,000 by August thirteenth to achieve this and other objectives of the event. They have set up a range of perks to offer patrons such as Subsurface T-shirts at the $25 fan level to original artwork and signed posters at the $1000 funder level and a bunch of other levels of perks inbetween. They are looking for support from the graffiti community to fund the event as well as provide new wall locations to provide to top-tier artists to paint. Check out the Indiegogo page for the event here and the preview video above discussing the previous years events and the setup for this year. Also for more info on Subsurface, check out their website. This video was posted by Bates on his blog on 12ozProphet.

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