Print Release: How and Nosm “Storm Predictions”

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How and Nosm’s recent print release is aptly titled “Storm Predictions” available now through Paper Monster. The 7-color screenprint with loads of hand finishing, is printed in an edition of 50 and based on an original large-scale painting of the same title that is in the art collection of the late Tony Goldman, a noteworthy supporter of the German twin-brothers’ work. Goldman was well known in recent years for being the man behind the Wynwood Walls in Miami and the wall on Houston and Bowery in Lower Manhattan that has showcased murals by Keith Haring, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, Barry Mcgee, and more. Over this past weekend How and Nosm gave a facelift to the famed wall. Click here to purchase the print now and stay on the lookout for coverage of their new SoHo mural.

From the Paper Monster website:

The edition of fifty prints are individually embellished with the same skill and effort that How and Nosm put into their mural and canvas work, making each print unique. 

Using airbrush, India ink, collage and hand-cut stencils, each screen print is detailed with some of How and Nosm’s iconic imagery such as birds, hand painted water drops and hearts.

Dimensions: 24 x 24 Inches.
7 Color Screenprint, Ink, Collage and Spraypaint on Archival Coventry Rag.
Signed, Dated and Numbered, 2012.

How and Nosm,
How & Nosm,
Storm Predictions,
Paper Monster,

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