Pure TFP drawings and website

By - Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Aindriais Dolan aka PURE TFP aka Andy is a well known New York City style master with over 30 years of experience bending letters and producing beautiful graffiti. I first came across his work while in high school and riding trains and they were in the form of his PU throw ups. They were big, solid, juicy and proper. Later I saw Ven rocking a Pure painted jacket to school and was very impressed by the letter style and color technique. It was a great jacket. Soon after at Henry’s I saw images of his handball courts in the Bronx and Ven showed me his early trains on the 1s when he painted with FBA. The man had a great style. Fast forward many years later and we are good friends and crew mates. His styles range from simple to complex mechanical swirl and his color usage and decorative techniques are the most impressive. The man can rock bubbles like no one else. He truly is a Bronx stylist of the highest degree and every time he paints he comes correct. Most recently he has taken to painting on canvas and creating abstract ink drawings. I truly enjoy seeing them and was moved to purchase a painting. Since they are so new and such a rare treat to see I am sharing some here. For those of you who would be interested in buying/commissioning one you can contact Pure directly through his website. I always say why have a poster print on your wall when you can have some great original art? You can see more work now on Pure TFP’s website and facebook page.

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