Quantic Dream’s “Concept in Progress” for PS4

By - Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Creepy, but at the same time, so-fucking-awesome. Sony offered a glimpse into Heavy Rain developer, Quantic Dream’s “concept in progress.” Quantic Dream founder David Cage says he wants players to have stronger emotional connections with games. Cage says the technology of the PS4 will allow Quantic Dream to convey subtle emotions and that games will be on par with film in terms of displaying character’s emotions. Cage casually shows off a model of an old man’s head in incredibly realistic detail, right down to the strands of individual hair. The old man’s face shows off subtle emotions like concern or a spark of interest. Detailed shading technology, made possibly with the PS4, highlight the detail of every wrinkle on his face. Cage did not officially announce a new project, yet the PS4’s enhanced graphical capabilities should help the drama-heavy Quantic Dream to create even more moving games for the system.

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