Recap: ANSER at #Hashtag Gallery

By - Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Toronto has been painted over and over with the iconic Anser face since 2009 – now dubbed “Toronto’s Writer” Anser’s latest solo exhibit at #Hashtag Gallery is an impressive display of the writers talent. Almost every piece was sold at the rowdy opening, which was jam-packed with a 15 minute wait time in the Toronto cold. Affordable, intelligent art was made available to the public who watched and followed Anser for many years; some guests even brought ‘gifts’ (including a loaf of bread) to thank Anser for their consistent and beautiful work. The portraits around the city are familiar to patrons, not invasive enough to bother those who pine against graffiti, but impressive enough to keep Anser’s long-earned title.
Speaking with co-owners Johnny and Graeme, the amount of time and work that went into these pieces are undoubtedly impressive. The artist is extremely happy with his reception from the city, and the gallery hasn’t been empty since it’s opening. A popular body of work were the hand cast, sculpted and painted resin figures that give Anser’s face life in 3D, each work is $300 due to the laborious time spent by LAIRD who hand-dyed each resin pour, crafted the moulds and buffed the figures to matte or gloss, then sent to Anser to paint by hand.
The show’s highlight was the use of medium, an impressive feat, old bricks were gathered from historic houses being torn down in Toronto and re-mounted as the perfect, clean wall. Plexi-glass, wood blocks, paper and canvas were all used to give Anser new dimension.
Crowded Kingdom closes Sunday March 9th, with very few pieces left to purchase. Hashtag Gallery is open 4pm-10pm Tues-Friday, 2pm-8pm Sat, and 12pm-5pm Sundays at 801 Dundas St W, in Toronto.

Author: Ro Sabourin / @rosabourin

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