Recap: Art Toronto 2013

By - Friday, November 1st, 2013

Art Toronto exhibits hundreds of galleries from around the world to set the standard for the up and coming. Despite providing emerging and established artists an outlet to showcase their work, the works aren’t accessible to all those attending but provided the opportunity to view some amazing contributions.

1. Julia Dault – New York 2. Karel Funk – Edmonton 3. Richard Mueller – Halifax 4. Kym Greely – Newfoundland 5. Russel West – UK 6. Phillipe Pasqua – France / Tel Aviv 7. Nissim Ben Aderet – Tel Aviv 8. Hanna Hur – Toronto 9. Mitsuo Kimura – Japan 10. Justin Lalancette – Montreal 11. Mitch Mitchell – Edmonton 12. Nicolas Baier – Montreal The work of Mitch Mitchell caught my attention immediately, he explained that his piece Distance ARC was represented on a quarter scale to its usual size that could have filled the Metro Toronto Convention Centre easily. This breathing lung-like structure was triggered by movement in the booth to inflate and deflate slowly, it was a quilted ball made of synthetic material in brick shaped rectangles, with very subtle detail. Mitchell told me it represented the incline and decline of our economy and social structure, the brick work reminded me of the cityscapes we’re seeing be devoured by condos and insistent change. This being especially relevant in Toronto right now, Mitchell’s piece pulled some heart strings.

All in all, Art Toronto was a large reminder that art is a business venture for many people, buyers or sellers. Mitchell’s decaying lung representing infrastructure enforced that feeling, while Dault’s bright and whimsicle works reminded me that despite the money side of things, artists provide an emotional commentary and dialogue that not few other professions can provide.

Author: Ro Sabourin / @rosabourin

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