Recap: Artist Talk at Art Basel with Shepard Fairey, Martha Cooper and More

By - Sunday, January 4th, 2015

It was another insane year in Miami for Art Basel 2014, and Wynwood Walls had some special things going on as well. This year Library Street Collective Gallery from Detroit teamed up with the infamous Wynwood Walls to have a pop-up gallery show. There was already a buzz going around the Wynwood area about this pop-up because artists such as Shepard Fairey, Revok, Pose, Swoon, Tristan Eaton and many more had pieces on display.

LSC and Wynwood Walls decided to host an artist talk inside the pop up gallery that featured a four person panel with Shepard Fairey, Martha Cooper, Haas & Hahn, and Tristan Eaton. Moderated by Ron English, the panel discussed where they came from and how they came up in the art game. Some of the topics discussed were on kids today using new techniques and technologies compared to what the artists used starting off. They had even addressed the ever popular topic of “selling out” if thats even possible.

Overall the panel agreed that no matter how you hone your craft as an artist, at the end of the day your work will speak for itself and to never let anyone tell you different. If people tell you or say that someone is a sell out, then something is obviously being done right for you or that person. They conveyed that yes times have changed and are changing, but it still comes down to hard work, practice and a little hustle will certainly get you places.

This talk was a must see and was super informative as its not very often you will get this kind of talent to sit in one room and share their experiences with the world. Hopefully this is just the beginning to whats to come for Wynwood Walls.

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