Recap: David Ellis True Value at Joshua Liner Gallery

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  • The 12oz team was in attendance at the opening of David Ellis’ new exhibition, True Value, at Joshua Liner Gallery.

    This was his first solo show with the gallery. When looking at Ellis’ work, you can both hear and see the movement through his signature waveform flow wrapping around and throughout his work. Much of his work is influenced by sound and motion in some capacity as it resonates on wood/panel, mixed media, record covers and tobacco stained paper to video and sound installations using trash and paint cans. Also on view is Ellis’ 2011 Pulse Prize-winning kinetic sound sculpture True Value (Paint Fukette). David also re-introduces us to his sculptural “Recollection” series of record covers stacked and arranged by color and embalmed in resin. Another stand out work in the show is a sculpture made out of the body of a classical cello which has been modified to a modern day double bass boom box.

    Scroll through the photos in the gallery above to check out some of the works in the exhibition and some of the friends, fans, and Barnstormers fam in attendance.

    Text and photo: Joe Russo

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