Recap: Futurism 2.0 Featuring the Graffuturists in London

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An hour before the show opened some people had arrived early.

Despite rain Thursday night, the exhibition Futurism 2.0 opened to an over capacity crowd with a long line waiting to get in. After all the work, it was time to celebrate and reveal their aesthetic discoveries. Check out photos and commentary below. For more info about the show check out the 12oz preview post also.

Before the exhibit opened and crowd made it impossible to photograph the show itself, 12oz took some photos to display the beautifully hung show by Rob Swain and Gamma Proforma. Matt W. Moore, Phil Ashcroft, Mark Lyken (left to right).

O. Two, Mr. Jago, She One (left to right).

Part2ism , Christopher Derek Bruno, Morten Andersen, Boris Tellegen aka Delta, Jaybo, Moneyless, Poesia (front to back).

Kofie, Sat One, Clemens Behr, Joker, Derm, Poesia (left to right).

Remi/Rough, Kofie, Sat One.

After the crowd started coming in, it got hot and sweaty. Lucky for cold beer flowing.

Golden Age subway painter and Wild Style documentary participant, Carlos Rodriguez aka Mare139 blessed the show with an abstract sculpture that come out of his explorations in Urban Modernism, which he began to incorporate in 1985.

Graeme/Stendec from Gamma Proforma, Clemens Behr, Christopher Derek Bruno.

Clemens Behr multi-layered, transparent sculptural painting.

Jimmy C and Remi/Rough

Kofie and Poesia.

Lyken and Moneyless, who will be completing their collaborative explorations when Lyken goes to Moneyless's hometown at the end of October.

Part2ism's Architect-Sonic sculpture up close.

Sat One signing someone's catalog.

Joker and Derm.

Poesia, Moneyless, Jaybo.

Divine Styler has branched out from Hip Hop to visual art, putting three pieces of animated art in the show. Dense, complicated imagery floats and fades in and out on these little monitors.

Some stills from Divine Styler pieces.

Mr. Jago (left) and Joker at the after party. Joker is the founder of the Transcend Collective, which Jago just became of member of tonight.

Delta, Andersen, Bruno.

Downstairs in front of the DJ booth, Moneyless created one of his ephemeral sculptural installations with string and wire.

The Feral Diagram 2.0 as a poster and postcard at the front desk with the artistprints.

Roids MSK came out for the night, and was invited by Poesia to be in the self-titled Graffuturism exhibition he is curating in LA in December of this year at the Soze Gallery.

Text + Photo: Daniel Feral

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