Recap: Gary Baseman Kickstarter Party at Canters Deli in Los Angeles

By - Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Baseman Needs You! Artist Gary Baseman is embarking on a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 to finish his documentary, Mythical Creatures. Written and directed by David Charles, the film tells the story of Baseman’s parents (both Holocaust survivors) in reverse. From their lives in Los Angeles to the atrocities they experienced in the Ukraine during the Nazi occupation. The campaign went live on July 21 and was kicked off with an event at LA’s Kibitz Room, in LA’s Fairfax District. The small bar is attached to the iconic Canter’s Deli. Upon arriving to the Kibitz Room guests were welcomed by a string of fresh faced ladies or Gary’s “Wild Girls,” dressed in retro style dresses. The evening was made complete with an intimate DJ set by Moby. Mythical Creatures, was inspired by a trip Baseman took in 2012 to his parents’ hometown of Berezne in the Ukraine. After his return to LA, he discovered a memorial book detailing his father’s heroic actions during WWII. What the book revealed was a story not even Hollywood could conjure up. His father narrowly escaped the Nazi, fought as a partisan for four years returned to his village to avenge his family’s death all while evading death time and time again. Baseman, along with long-time collaborator Charles, quickly realized the story had to be shared, as well as the stories of others they learned along the way. The documentary follows Baseman as he takes a personal journey to the Ukraine. Described as “part Pixar, part History Channel”, Mythical Creatures helps shed light on secrets, myths and stories of his parents’ Holocaust experience. The film uses animation, theater, and other fantastical storytelling devices. After working on the film for two years, Baseman and Charles have one last piece to complete-Baseman’s return to the Ukraine. Contributions to the Kickstarter will help fund the trip to the Ukraine. There he hopes to work with Ukrainian artists to build an installation in the very same forest his father fought during the War. Baseman has made the worthy cause appetizing with perks such as a limited edition poster designed by him and Shepard Fairey based on an old image of Baseman’s father and even a family portrait by Baseman and Michael Muller to those willing to dish out $10,000 or more. To learn more visit: Words by: Keisha Raines Photos: Birdman

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