Recap: Giz and Ghost RIS at Outlaw Arts

By - Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

GIZ and GHOST both repped the RIS (Rocking It Suckers) crew throughout their recent show at the Outlaw Arts Space last week. It was a full house with a mixed crowd, ranging from admiring young adults with blackbooks to seasoned writers showing some love to their peers.


Kit 17 and Easy

Both Ghost and Giz use an animated style in their work, but each took this style in different directions. Ghost’s pieces had a light and playful feel. He turned his GH tag into mystical Disney-esque one-eyed creatures.



Ghost’s center piece, a wide canvas that bled on all sides, gave the art life beyond the frame. It was filled with overlapping tags overlapping, images of Popeye, and and Ghost’s cone-shaped folks.


Giz’s style was humorous and slightly dark. He used popular cartoon characters, such as Garfield, Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons and reinterpreted them through hip-hop and graffiti lenses.



Giz also had a piece that bled. It referenced the Al Pacino masterpiece, Scarface, using its black and white theme. Tony Montana was replaced by Homer Simpson and a gun with a spray can.


Giz and Ghost’s works will be on display at Outlaw Arts in NYC until May 31. 

Photographym by Outlaw Arts

Photos in the above gallery courtesy of Lauren Lepore

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