Recap: Graffiti 365 Book Signing at Wynwood Walls

By - Friday, December 23rd, 2011

One of the highlights of this year’s Wynwood Walls in Miami was the Graffiti 365 book signing. Written by former graffiti writer and 12ozProphet blogger, Jay “Terror161” Edlin, Graffiti 365 is an encyclopedic overview of the graffiti and street art worlds featuring a number of the artists who participated in this years Wynwood Walls. Featured artists from all over the country came out to support the book and sign copies for fans. Check out Martha Cooper’s photos of the event in the gallery above. “Miami, during Art Basel, must be seen, smelled and heard to be believed. Amidst a backdrop of murals from the hottest street artists the globe has to offer, a washed up old graff writer (yours truly) and some friends set up a table with a mountain of books, ready to write their names on something legit. Luckily they were all veterans of repetitive autographing, so writer’s cramp wasn’t a factor. T-KID 170 came all the way from the Bronx, Daze from Manhattan, FLINT… from Staten Island, Ellis G. and Cern from BK and reppin’ Japan, Aiko and Shiro. How and Nosm were already there and we all signed opposite one of their massive murals (Nunca’s mural was behind us) in the courtyard. Risk and Tyke/Witnes showed love from the West Coast and Cash for Your Warhol (Somerville, MA. stand up!) placed cards in each book on the stealth. Martha Cooper alternated between the roles of signator and documentarian. About 5,000 people rolled through Wynwood Walls that night and some even bought books. Here’s a few flicks of the signing and some extracurricular activities.” -Terror161 Photo: Martha Cooper

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