By - Thursday, April 7th, 2016

On the international day of pranks (April 1st), renowned writers LEWY BTM and JIMJOE held an opening for their collaboration show entitled, “JIMJOE VS. LEWY : Piece of Dirt”. It was truly an art show of its own. It was held in a gutted space once belonging to the “AWAH” restaurant in Chinatown. There were exposed brick walls, exposed pipes, wiring, and cables. The concrete floor was jagged, uneven and had some holes that one would need to watch out for. The standard show drinking refreshment was a little station by the entrance with an orange cooler and small plastic cups. There was no music. There were only the sounds of loud murmurs of the crowd and the movements of the front door. The space was very fitting for the title and unpretentious nature of JIMJOE and LEWY. It makes you feel as though you just snuck into an abandoned building with them to put up tags and throw ups. 

The art work was just as unique. The show featured a set of thought-provoking and funny drawings created by both writers from the years 2014 to present (2016). One drawing had two gender neutral characters, one giving the other a piggy back ride, and a pair of eyes staring at them with above them the text “Not that I don’t trust you but I don’t trust you.” Immediately, it comes across as hilarious because of the irony of the combined characters and text. However, once the piece sinks in, it begins to gain power when you realize that some people’s relationships with others are exactly like this drawing. They can joke and smile with someone but would never be vulnerable enough to trust each other. Another drawing, “The return of the past”, featured a character with an egg shaped head, (Which looks similar to Humpty Dumpty) running while playing a pan flute. It could simply be interpreted as the past having the ability to haunt you and mess up your present situation whenever it feels fit.

“God” was a bit more controversial than the other drawings in the show. It showed a man smiling while hanging from a noose, a long nosed being with a hat watched from above, and a die next to the text “God”. It seems to be a direct commentary on life, possibly depression and religion. That life is gamble and no matter how it ends, “God” is watching with some sort of amusement. In some way, this piece also reminds me of the play, “Waiting for Gordot” by Samuel Beckett, in that the two main characters were gambling their time and their lives to wait on a person that never showed up. In the end (spoiler) they may have been blissfully dead for most of the play.

The show is currently running at 48 Bowery street during the hours of 12-6pm, up until April 10th. 

 Photography: MayLay









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