Recap: Juicy J "Stay Trippy" Tour – Columbus, Ohio

By - Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The first thing I noticed when I entered the Juicy J show at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday was a pasty frail female twerking profusely. This was not because my libido was raised due to said female’s gyration. Nerp. I was amazed that this scantly clad lady had no backside or breasts and was completely “Turnt Up” as Juicy J rocked hits like “Show Out” from the stage of the sold-out venue. Don’t get me wrong; I was happy the lady was having fun and felt free to dance like someone who would earn money at an Atlanta Strip Club in spite of having a body that would make you wonder if menstruation had been impeded by either age or lack of body fat. She looked like a human that would be not allowed to sell blood at a plasma center due to thinness. I did not find her attractive but bravo to her for not letting the media projections of beauty impede her ability to enjoy Triple 6 Mafia hits. My focused widened from her short white shorts and lack of ass to the fact that the near-rioting crowd was extremely young, and caucasian. I recalled a time in the mid 90’s when the full Triple Six Mafia was to play the exact same 1000 plus capacity venue and canceled because the Memphis rap legends only sold 18 tickets because most white people were too scurred to see them. For a more current comparison; there were may more people and white people at this Juicy J show than than the blooded Cam’ron show I went to early this year. As Juicy rocked the Three Six winning-an-Oscar-era breakthrough hits “Stay Fly” and “Poppin My Color” , I remembered watching Project Pat at a smaller venue a couple years ago.. Project Pat-a, Juicy’s older brother attracted about 60 people. The crowd was a mixture of white hipsters, and regular black folk. Project Pat’s hype-men would jump in the audience and try to instigate fights. My guess is that Project Pat & co. figured if the show got shut down they could collect their pay, and go lounge at a strip club. Project Pat’s people also aggressive approach women after the show and tried to coerce women to get into Pat’s van. I remember leaving that Project Pat show thinking it was terrible, and therefore somewhat pleased that Pat proved to be awful human. So to state the obvious the “It’s Trippy Mane” rebranding, Taylor Gang Affiliation, and “Bandz will Make Her Dance” radio hit is really working. Juicy did not perform Three Six’s Oscar winning song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”. After Juicy J rocked “Who Da Neighbors”, he brought two people up to freestyle. First up was Christian, a white man from the Columbus suburb of Gahanna that tried to freestyle after Juicy gave him the long intro as the next Eminem. Christian from Gahanna did not have much rhythm or bass in his voice so he was quickly booed and Juicy J stopped him. Juicy then made some comments that implied that perhaps a white rapper wasn’t such a good idea at the moment. Juicy brought out a black man from Columbus proper named Ryan. Ryan did not have much confidence and was quickly booed as well After amateur hour was over, the Three-Six classic “Slob on My Knob” was cut-in by Juicy J’s deejay. The cutting was prolonged for dramatic affect. I started chuckling hearing “Slob on my Knob like corn on the cob” being brought in with some pretty decent scratches. One, because we often forget that the independent Southern rap movement that Triple Six helped create was spawned by a natural transition in the early 90‘s within Southern rap where down south deejays crew up doing standard deejay routines like “Rock the Bells” and mixed Three Six in with Slick Rick and Rakim classics. Most older Southern Rap deejays work with a traditional skillset. The second thing that amused me was that the entire all-ages crowd yelled line for line line with the 1998 underground hit “Slob on my Knob”. Something about hearing a room full of people scream lyrics like “Squeeze on my nuts/lick on my butt” at 9:45pm on a Thursday in Columbus, Ohio Thursday was fucking funny to me. Well, actually there are very few times when “Slob on My Knob” isn’t funny. Maybe it would not be funny if it accidentally came on during a blow job and disrupted the blow-job out of shame. Whatever the case, Juicy also performed “Sippin’ on Sizzurp” which made it evident that Triple Six Mafia will outlast 2 Live Crew as the go to rap music for High School kids who want to hear curse words when they are being bad. And with the aforementioned Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang” infrastructure and having songs with Miley Cyrus in the works Three Six might continue to N.W.A., Geto Boys, or Master P for future generations. One must also factor, Juicy J’s “We Trippy Mane” meme which has also been fairly affective at resonating with general hipsters and more stylish molly addicts who naturally embrace heavy synths. Juicy J chanted “Juicy J cain’t” over and over again from his hit “Bandz Will Make Her Dance” before leaving with a performance of his new song “Boss N*ggaz” The crowded room very slowly exited the building at about 10:45 pm very satisfied. I must not that the majority of the males did not have a good concept of personal space and were unpleasant to be stuck in a the human traffic jam with. But other than that Juicy J was a rowdy good time. It is also fair to mention that I walked by Juicy J’s tour bus and the groupies waiting outside of his touring transportation were very thick, and not reflecting Juicy J’s obvious crossover.

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