Recap: LA ST. SEEN at Red Arrow Contemporary in Dallas

By - Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Red Arrow Contemporary in conjunction with Modern Multiples launched a landslide show of graffiti and street art inspired prints this last Saturday in Dallas, Texas. Dallastonian hipsters arrived en masse to view LA ST. SEEN, which featured some of the most transcendent writers and street artist of today. The first show of its kind to hit Dallas, the roster of featured artists includes Chaz Bojorquz, Haze, Saber, Futura, Shepard Fairey, Retna, Mear, Sage Vaughn, and Defer. Red Arrow intends on becoming the platform for both up and coming and established artists of this genre to share their works in Dallas, and even has hopes to bring in Retna for a city wide mural project. Richard Duardo of Modern Multiples stated that “Dallas was ready and now Dallas is launched, they get it big time. Eine came in three months ago and did two walls, and Shepard just did six. They sealed the deal. Now Retna is going to come in and blow shit up.” Red Arrow plans on ending the show in mid-March with a closing party and print release. Contact Red Arrow or Modern Multiples for more info. Text: Kelso

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