Recap: Livingston Street Market

By - Monday, November 21st, 2011

In 2000 the original Street Market exhibition brought together the work of artists Stephen Powers, Todd James, and Barry McGee. It was first exhibited in Japan before being installed in Deitch Projects on Wooster Street in SoHo and then continuing on to Venice. The trio recreated an urban street including their own signage, bombing an upended delivery truck, building out a bodega and even designing the labels on the cans that were stocked in it. “That was the show that made everyone really care about the gallery” said Kathy Grayson, one of the former Directors of Deitch Projects. As part of the “Art In The Streets” exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art this past Summer, Jeffery Deitch, now Director of LA MOCA, got the artists to recreate this popular installation with all new works. The Art In The Streets exhibition was wildly successful, attracting 201,352 visitors from April 17–August 8, 2011, making it the highest exhibition attendance in the museum’s history. There was talks of the show traveling to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, but after those plans fell through, Stephen Powers and Todd James decided to install their part of the exhibition themselves. Titled the Livingston Street Market, the exhibition was held in Stephen Powers’ sign painting shop in Downtown Brooklyn, ICY Signs. The space on Livingston Street is only a block away from the massive Macy’s parking complex Steve painted for the Love Letter To Brooklyn project. (And let me tell you, even after seeing countless photos of the Love Letter murals, seeing it in person still takes your breath away.) The Saturday afternoon reception near the Fulton Mall felt like an intimate gathering of friends and family at the artist’s studio. Scroll through the photos below to enjoy the creativity and wit we’ve come to expect for these two brilliant artists.

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