Recap: Load Limit and Smart Minds Presents “The Lay Up

By - Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

It was a real pleasure meeting you at Load Limit, You go by the moniker ” Harsh Truth of The Camera Eye.” 1. Can you give us some words on the meaning of your moniker? Well I don’t write Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye as a moniker actually. I picked the name from a Morrissey song . There was a time where I was pretty obsessed with Moz and I was listening to the song and felt that it went pretty well with how I feel graffiti is. Just harsh and in your face, so that’s why I go by Harsh Truth.
2. What drives you to photograph freight trains? What drives me is that every time I go to the yard it’s always different. It’s awesome to see stuff from all over the country and to catch stuff that’s been running for 10 plus years.
3. How do you think the general public perceives the freight art? And how would you describe freight art to them? I don’t know if the general public feels anything about freight art to be honest. With the way the economy is right now I know the rail industry has slowed down a lot and I almost feel like most people would be surprised they even still ship stuff via freights at this point let alone know people paint on freights. I honestly don’t know how I would describe freight art to people. I feel like people either understand graffiti or they don’t. People either see the art behind it or they just see it as vandalism.  You can read the full interview at

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