Recap: Michael Alan’s One Night Only Show at 17 Frost

By - Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Last weekend 12ozProphet had the pleasure of visiting 17 Frost Gallery in Williamsburg to check out Michael Alan’s living installation, “Human Puppet Theory”. The show was a good time, with a cool mix of people and audience engaged with what was happening in front of them. It’s difficult to put in the words, so instead we’ll let the artist and the pictures speak for themselves.


1. How did it feel to show the living installation last weekend?

I was very sick with flue, so had to go early like 6 hours before and really prep mentally to not puke on stage, I think this might be worst show ever. Somehow it become opposite and was one of my favorite live shows, the amount of love from friends the space, models was just great! I feel with live music art and all that you either nail it or don’t!

2. What was the crowd like at the show? What was their response?

It’s a very diverse crowd as diverse as you can get. I grew up here so I hand pick the invites from street friends, to collage people, art people, cool x girls, musicians, famous heads, press but the key I invite who is open and not on some dick head shit

3. What’s next for you as an artist?

Just to stay alive and enjoy my time and not be a part of anything but living good!


Photos by Hugh Burckhardt


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