Recap: Music App, NervEight, Provides Platform for Musician/Fan Interaction

By - Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

NervEight, a music app that enables musicians to receive direct feedback from listeners, launched this past weekend with celebratory inaugural performances from 6 up-and-coming artists. Founders Steven Eason and Torian Johnson were inspired to create NervEight because they “felt that there was a niche market for a platform that would allow musicians to tap into new audiences and receive direct feedback from existing fans.” Eason believes that the app is a “perfect tool” for fan/musician interaction. At the app’s launch event was a crowd of all-around music enthusiasts, ranging from musicians, producers, tattoo artists, and DJs. Everyone was encouraged to download the app so as to actively participate in giving feedback to the performers. As the inaugural songs were performed and then uploaded to the app, audience members posted comments and “Liked” the tracks they most wanted to have recognized. The app hopes to facilitate “friendly competition” wherein the songs with the most “Likes” for the day proceed to an end-of-the-week contest. Weekly winners are then in contention for sponsored monthly prizes. Esteemed panelists Steven “PJ” Whitaker Jr., Tamika Stembridge Esq., Jonnelle Fletcher and Nathaniel “Richezz” Ford Jr., who have all had extensive entertainment management and producing experience, were on hand to provide additional feedback to the performers. The culturally and musically eclectic artists – ranging from former choir singers to recently signed rappers, from pop singers to R&B crooners, hailing from as far as Bangladesh and Tanzania to as close as Long Island, NY – were eager to soak up as much advice as possible from the panelists. Opening the set was Tyler Lyons, whose music has appeared on MTV’s Real World and who has performed on the Vans Warped Tour. He was followed by rapper, Velous, who is preparing for his upcoming, self-produced album. Music major and environmental activist, Drew Vision, performed next, followed by lyrically-conscious songwriter and producer Gregory Stutzer, the energetic acoustic duo Ca$h and ending with an upbeat and heartfelt closing performance by K-Prime. For these young artists, NervEight has the potential to solidify or help launch their careers. Eason asserts, “We want the brand to be a household name recognized for breaking new artists, helping artists tap into new fans and a place that music enthusiasts can come to discover new music. We want artist’s to be proud of their success on NervEight and would see it as an attained goal if artists added their success on NervEight to their resumes.” Ultimately, the aim is for all genres of music to be heard, and for the app to provide a simple forum through which musicians can be critiqued and promoted. Eason notes that the app’s name “is a play on the vestibulocochlear nerve which is the eighth of twelve cranial nerves, and is responsible for transmitting sound and equilibrium (balance) information from the inner ear to the brain.” Spoken like a true music fanatic. Be sure to download the app to listen in regularly on new music, give your feedback, or even submit your own tracks! Check out photos from the event above. Text & Photo: Nicola Parisi

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