Recap: Noxer DoD at Outlaw Arts Gallery

By - Thursday, April 9th, 2015

No matter where you go in New York City, you are bound to find a tag or throwie with Noxer DoD’s infamous “black man gone robbing” character. With well over twenty years (and counting) under his belt, the legendary Noxer DoD held a one-night-only, pop-up show at the Outlaw Arts Space (44 Bowery street) on Monday, April 6th. It truly felt moreso like an old friend’s house party than an art show. The small space and the chill hip-hop tunes that played in the background created a mellow atmosphere. Everything on display was $100 or less.

Noxer’s intent was to sell art that could fit the average person’s budget. There were plenty of items for sale as well, including figures of Noxer’s character ($100 each), small canvas pieces (ranging from $50-$100) and sticker packs ($20). Some of these pieces exhibited his brand of humor, while others spoke more to his take on certain “hot” issues, such as war and fast food corporations. There were even two pieces where his “black man gone robbing” character had a movable arm that could be adjusted.




Even if those merchandise options were out of your budget, a show-goer could still walk away with something, as Noxer was gracious enough to sign whatever visitors had, even dollar bills.


He also chatted, and posed for photos with fans and fellow writers.




Towards the end of the night, there was a raffle for one of the canvas pieces after which Noxer called out the lucky winner.  

You can check out more of Noxer’s work by following him on Instagram. You can also follow Outlaw Arts on Instagram to learn more about their upcoming events.

Photography: Photographer for Outlaw Arts

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