A Look Back: Os Gemeos 'Fermata' at Museu Vale

By - Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Originally posted October 28, 2011: Os Gemeos just unveiled their most impressive and elaborate exhibition to date, Fermata at the Museu Vale. 12ozProphet originally met Os Gemeos through Twist in 1997 and was the first to bring their work to the word in the 6th issue of 12ozProphet magazine in 1998. Since then they have become one of the biggest names in the international graffiti and art worlds and have put Brazil’s graff scene on the map. For this show Os Gemeos created a wonderland inhabited by their signature yellow characters. A large beautifully sculpted face becomes a camper packed with artwork and trinkets galore. Every minute detail is considered from the red quilted paneling to the custom floor tiles. This large sculpture is placed in the center of an entire room built out with angular walls painted vibrant candy-colored stripes with Os Gemeos’ signature figures interacting with the space. Characters are painted onto flat surfaces of the wall while others are sandwiched between planes. A sculpture of one of their characters rocking a ski mask and a VLOK sweatshirt emerges from the wall aiming a slingshot, reminiscent of their collaboration with Blu in Lisbon, Portugal. In another room Os Gemeos created a bedroom, or perhaps a studio apartment, littered with their work and an interactive projection on the wall. The geometric pattern from one of their paintings continues off the wall like painted three-dimensional triangles fleeing the canvas and coming to life in the gallery. Another painting of two suspicious figures with scarves over their faces, and sacks in their hands are flipping the bird to the viewer before doing damage in the train yard painted in the distance. The corners of the metal frame have metal clippers welded on like historical artifacts from their night of destruction. Keep a look out for a Os Gemeos x 12ozProphet collaboration in the weeks ahead. More photos on Page 2… {pagebreak} More photos on Page 3… {pagebreak} Photo: Os Gemeos

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