Recap: Os Gemeos "Miss You" at Prism Gallery LA

By - Monday, February 27th, 2012

In a vibrant and surreal display of both visual and interactive hyper stimulation, Os Gemeos presented yet another incredible exhibition of new work. Their first ever solo show at Prism Gallery in Los Angeles, “Miss You” is a full immersion into the shared minds of the Brazilian twin street art powerhouse that is Os Gemeos, which in portuguese literally translates to “the twins.” Sculptural elements, interactive media, woven tapestries and of course, their signature yellow tinged characters floating amidst a sea of seemingly endless red space comprised the visual context of the exhibition which was really more of a multimedia experience. Upon entering the exhibition, one was instantly immersed in an atmosphere of vibrant color, a virtual dreamscape of scarlet red. Illuminated yellow heads stemming from the floor in a range of sizes and shapes, peppering the landscape with quiescent expressions. A large yellow cube with a painted face hung in the entry, and served to immediately grab the attention of whoever passed the threshold. Those in attendance were encouraged to step “inside” the suspended form to experience a separate world that emanated blue light and ambient beats and also featured an infinity mirror that offered endless self reflection. The interactive cube also allowed those outside of it to simultaneously perceive the illusion that the head belonged to whatever body was standing up inside of it. A combination of mural work and also works on canvas that are hung in a more traditional fashion lead the viewer through the bottom floor in no real sequence and it is easy to become lost in their allegories of optical illusion, bright contrasting colors, and the unique perspectives. The iconic yellow characters that define Os Gemeos’s style are present in almost every painting. Toward the back of the ground floor, a thin black curtain concealed a doorway. The room behind the curtain holds an engaging and fascinating multimedia experience disguised as an everyday bedroom. The dark room, which is only illuminated by a few prop lamps, hosts an array of bedroom furniture, and has been meticulously decorated to look lived in. The desk and shelves contain books and various other knick-knacks and there are even clothes on hangers strewn about. The point of focus in the room is obviously the massive projected screen that takes up an entire wall. The pixelated screen hosts a series of digitally rendered floating cubes that you can interact with by “grabbing” them and moving them about with your hands. The overall nature of the experience is hypnogogic, if not even slightly psychotropic. Moving into the upper level of the gallery, the foyer showcases an incredible display of massive hand painted works. Suspended above from deliberately tangled electrical chords hangs a chandelier of transparent, illuminated mannequin heads dressed in ski masks. The upstairs level of the gallery showcased a body of large scale works encompassing the same vibrant hues on canvas hung traditionally against white walls. Moving toward the back of the upper floor one discovers a display of encased hand woven tapestries that portray the same distinct yellow characters. The small series of hand woven tapestries were a collaboration with Os Gemeos’s mother. Extremely special and sentimental, she’s made very few and it’s unlikely she’ll make any more. The turnout for the opening event was positively overwhelming. It was utter pandemonium as the raucous crowd overwhelmed the semi-delicate installation, decapitating the lit up heads that had previously sprung from the ground. This was seemingly the most talked about exhibition in Los Angeles since “Art In The Streets” at MOCA (which also featured works by Os Gemeos.) “Miss You” will be on display at Prism Gallery through March 24th. Continue to Page 2… {pagebreak} Continue to Page 3… {pagebreak} Continue to Page 4… {pagebreak} Continue to Page 5… {pagebreak} Text: Kelso Photo: Sunny Phono

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