Recap: Paperboys at Pandemic Gallery

By - Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Paperboys, a group show featuring OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A, opened this past weekend at the Pandemic Gallery in Williamsburg. Pandemic Gallery developed a reputation for showing a wide range of artists, with a focus on graffiti and street art. These three artists have come together from around the country, bonded in friendship by art, freights, graffiti, wheat-paste and rollers. OverUnder is a style chameleon, exhibiting three different ones in this show. His iconic paper airplanes have been spray painted, tagged and wheat-pasted around brooklyn and the wider NYC area for the past few years, bringing both a sense of poetry and ethereal transcendence to the urban streets. Labrona’s paintings on the streets, freights or in the galleries, are both brutal and tender. He paints his subjects with a primitive expressionistic stroke, creating shapes and weight as if sculpted out of wood, while also gently molding a sense of some deep emotion, melancholy, compassion, empathy in their faces and on their flesh with pastel colors and fades. ND’A’s paintings burst and churn with a powerful graphic energy based in superhero and indie comic book compositions and anatomy. His shaky characters and objects are in their own worlds, ecstatic and manic, blissed and autistic. There is also a great selection of prints by each artist and one collaboration by all three.
Text and Photo: Daniel Feral Daniel Feral is the co-founder of Pantheon Projects. For more images from the Paperboys exhibition visit the photos section of the Pantheon Projects facebook page.

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