Recap: Paranormal Hallucinations Closes Sunday

By - Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Paranormal Hallucinations at Pandemic Gallery focuses on ink drawings by artists with backgrounds in graffiti, street art, illustration, tattooing, cartooning and fine art. The styles range from the highly refined draftsmanship of Conrad Carlson, Swampy and Deuce7, to the underground comix inspired typography of Gen2 and Mikey Big Breakfast, to the raw punk illustrations of Heather Benjamin and Egyptian Jason. Catch it before it closes this Sunday, January 8th! The curator Safwat Riad told 12oz that Desa, MQ, Curve, Kesh, HiTop, and Vizie dropped by and that Kaws bought a triptych called Bad News by Othelo Gervacio. For links to the artist’s websites, pictures of all the artwork, and more photos of the opening, visit the Pandemic Gallery website. The exhibition card by Peyote LLew and Egyptian Jason. The entrance to the packed opening. The opening at Pandemic Gallery. Gen2: Gen2 And The Temple Of Dudes. Conrad Carlson: Bad Finger Good Touch. Deuce Seven: Desert Yard Swampy: Hourglass Othelo Gervacio: Bad News #3 Mike P: 5 Boros Mikey Big Breakfast: Jail Rich Heather Benjamin: Embryonic Journey Tamara Santibanez: Prison Letter Egyptian Jason: Horror Business (with mirrors in the eyes!) Photo: Derrick Noh Text: Daniel Feral

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