Recap: Poster Boy Street Alchemy 2.0 at Real Art Ways

By - Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Poster Boy Street Alchemy 2.0 opened Thursday night at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut. The opening reception coincided with Creative Cocktail hour, a monthly occasion for people associated with the arts community to politic, see some new artwork and make some new links. The large crowd also enjoyed live music and a dance party poppin’ with afrocentric musical guests. At the end of the day, everyone was there to check out the Poster Boy installation that Trinity college turned their nose up at, and RAW adopted in keeping with their reputation of featuring censored artists. Poster Boy appeared at the exhibition as a collective, with no single entity taking credit for the works. The show consisted of two massive billboards towering over the gallery patrons that were developed exclusively for Real Art Ways. With materials actually found around Hartford, the collective produced works in keeping with their biting social commentary and fuck-you attitude. One was a State Farm billboard modified to read “STIMULATE YOUR OWN ECONOMY”. The other was a National Guard ad with DON’T written in crude green letters preceding ANSWER THE CALL. The Billboard was also stripped to make the motion blur trail of Super Mario bullets murking Captain America. Scroll down to see images of the work. Text and Photo: Wiley

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