Recap: Rather Unique at Woodward Gallery

By - Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The swanky well-established Woodward Gallery was a hot spot for heads last Saturday, January 7th, 2012. The graffiti and street art exhibition, Rather Unique, brought the ruckus and delivered the goods. The artists in the exhibition are the curator Royce Bannon, Cope2, Indie187, KA, Moody, Veng & Chris RWK, UR NY, Matt Siren, Kosbe, Darkclouds, Matt Siren, Cassius Fouler, Nose Go, Keely, Kenji, El Celso, infinity, Wrona and Russell King. Because of all the great talent in the show and the Woodward’s reputation as high-end dealers who support the underground, there was a huge turn out of family, friends, and crew members. See credits below the pictures and the following paragraph for the guests list. It was a true honor to see Faust, the calligraphic hand-style master, as well as the seventies legend Flint, who graced the evening with his chill presence. Also, Moody’s AA crew came out in force, including Tres, Fade, Rush and Lewch. Also in attendance were street artists Elbow Toe, Leon Reid IV and Alice Mizrachi, as well as the writers See One and Mez. 12ozProphet’s Ashton cam through, and Matt Smith, the photographer who took the photos for this post, showed up early and stayed late. Daniel Feral brought out Charlie Ahearn, who had only half an hour and wanted a quick tour of the art and some introductions before he had to run home for a family celebration. There were many more that slipped under the 12oz radar. By Monday, Kristine Woodward sent an email to the 12oz crew to confirm that half the show had sold out, which was exciting news for everyone involved. More sales mean more shows and more support for the artists to keep making art. It’s also good to see that interest continues to grow in this indigenous American art form that has come to influence mass culture and take over public space around the world. Stay tuned for over the next couple weeks for another recap focusing on the black book signings during the show and an interview with Royce Bannon, the curator. Chris from Robots WIll Kill enjoying the attention of some fans. Chris RWK’s painting. Royce Bannon the curator in front of one of his paintings. Heads gettin’ silly. Veng RWK in front of one of his fine water color paintings. Cope2 giving a shout out to 12oz. Painting by Cope2. Clayton Patterson, the photographer (left). Sam Horine, photographer (left). Some guests at the show. infinity’s works hung salon style. Who dat? Keely with her silkscreen on glass. Kenji with his stencil Where is Dondi? LA2 came through with his self-painted jacket. Matt Siren and his tagged tiles with stencil. Moody and Kristine Woodward. Cassius Fouler painting. UR NY painting. The wine and beer flowed all night. He wasn’t drinking but loved the free stickers. Photo: Matt Smith Text: Daniel Feral

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