Recap: Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler: Los Angeles

By - Monday, March 17th, 2014

And the results are in, Greg Auerbach and Ashley Sumner will represent LA in an exhibition in Miami during this year’s Art Basel Week by way of Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project. Every year Red Bull goes to cities across the country and pins artists against artist for a paint shedding, Battle Royale (little dramatic, but play along) the prize being a trip to Miami and a chance to exhibit their work at Scope during Art Basel in Miami. Twenty artists around Los Angeles were hand selected to adorn Red Bull provided coolers that were then placed at different venues. The contest is a huge opportunity to those involved and allows them to show their art in the biggest art fairs in the country. First time contender BioWorkz noted the significance of the event, “contests like this are very important for artists. It brings in a crowd that may not be exposed to this type of art. It puts awareness to the community and is great exposure for everyone. I think Red Bull is doing a fine job having opportunities like this for artists.” As a three-peat attendee of Red Bull’s annual contest, I have noticed the attendance at the events have grown with each year. A notable change in decoration is the popularity of affixing items to coolers like in Paige Smith’s entry. Known for paper and resin sculptures that mimic mineral formations, Paige’s cooler featured her signature crystals in a gradient of blue. Now that LA is done, next up for Red Bull’s Cooler Project are Portland and Chicago. Artists involved: ADVNTRS, Ashliegh Sumner, Bioworkz, Cali Killa, Chase, Chris Sanchez, Dynamic Dynosaur, Gianni Arone, Greg Auerbach, Jennifer Korsen, Paige Smith, Kiosk, Madman, Phobik, ReffKillsPop, Ryan “Motel” Campbell, Sarah Sandin, Serf TCF, Sticky, STINK Words by Keisha Raines, Photos by Birdman

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