Recap: Retna and Zes “Excavated Revelations” at Known Gallery

By - Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Known Gallery held the opening for their newest exhibition “Excavated Revelations” featuring Retna and Zes this last Saturday February 11th in Los Angeles. Both LA-based graffiti artists now world renowned as masters of their craft and ultimately members of MSK have utilized their refined letter styles and tools of the trade to create bodies of work that have become suitable even for the fine art palate. Despite the obvious change in substrate, both artists held true to form in that their work displayed clear connections to their creative roots and exemplified the culmination of years of experience running with some of the oldest and illest crews on the left coast. The installation by Zes featured about twenty mixed media wood panels ranging in size from 24” x 60” to 48” x 42”. The pieces appeared as colorful “zoomed in” sectionals of detailed geometric 3-D work that one would see on a full-scale burner, or as a cross section details of letter fill. Retna, back at Known for the first time in two years, debuted an edition of etchings. The prints were available in both blue and black variations and displayed the letter styles that Retna has come to be recognized for against an array of drippy and “scribed” backgrounds. He also showed a few original drawings that he created via the etching process to be expressly used in this particular exhibition of work. Also on displayed was a beautiful pair of laser-cut woodcarvings. This was one of the largest turnouts Known Gallery has ever seen for one of their openings. The private preview from 6-8pm prefaced what was to be a several hundred person showdown at the Known Gallery entrance where people lined up in hopes of getting a glimpse at some of the art work, an almost impossible feat by that point, due to the fact that the show room floor was completely inundated with guests. EKLIPSE, REVOK, SABER, and NORM were among the numerous attendees, as well as an entourage of photographers, graff ho’s and more fan boys with black books than you could shake a stick at. All in all the TSL boys had a pretty good night. Text: Kelso Photo: Sunny Phono

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