Recap: Revok "Gilgamesh" and Saber "Beautification" at Known Gallery

By - Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

This past weekend Known Gallery hosted the highly anticipated double solo shows of Revok and Saber. The gallery opened to a packed house of curious enthusiasts waiting to see the newest creations from Revokʼs Gilgamesh and Saberʼs Beautification. Fans of Revok can expect to see him refine his technique of dismantling and reassembling found objects in Gilgamesh. All the materials for this body of work were collected from abandoned homes, churches, businesses and buildings in Detroit. Once a place of booming economy and thriving automotive and music industries, Detroit has now become a symbol of urban decay. Revok’s geometrical shapes breathe life and beauty into the once great city. His work is at once a testament to Detroit’s past and a reminder of the current state. The infamous Saber needs little introduction, an LA graffiti legend, Saber has recently been making waves as a political voice for the public art community. Renowned for his aggressive abstract, spray can strokes, Saber adds an unexpected twist in his work for Beautification by adding figurative elements. Combining textures, tags, pieces, cityscapes of LA and a man buffing a wall, Saber creates a commentary of his life and work in the city. Gilgamesh and Beautification will remain on display at Known Gallery until August 11. Text: Keisha Raines Photos: Birdman

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